Giant Downfall Game

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This game is an absolute retro classic. The game itself was built in the 1990's, Its condition is reflective of its age which means there is some light scuff marks on it however it does not detract from this fully functioning cult classic.

Suitable for hire to adults only.

Available to hire throughout the UK as part of a giant package or in Essex, Suffolk and London individually.


The players have between them a screen with five knobs in it. These knobs link chutes running from the top of the game to its base. The top chutes are loaded with your coloured discs in sequence (1 through 5). On your turn, you twist one of the knobs so as to move one of your discs down. The knobs don't have the same indentations for either player, so you're never sure if you're helping the opponent or not.
First one to get his discs down to the base in sequence wins. You also win if you force the opponent's discs to get to the base out of sequence.

Not Suitable For Children
Suitable For Adults
Shower Cover Not Included

Suitable For

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors Under Cover

Not Suitable For

Outdoors on Grass
Max Users @ 0-2m2

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